Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

I offer counseling for expecting and new mothers. The changes that occur during pregnancy and after baby comes are not always joyful and exciting; they can also be stressful, uncomfortable, lonely, and scary. If you (or your partner) are pregnant or postpartum (even a year or more) and are feeling worried, depressed, anxious, sad or in any way "not right", you would likely benefit from some specialized therapeutic assessment and counseling. In my work with mothers, I start by addressing any distressing symptoms you may have. Additionally we will look at the underlying stressors that may have arisen from some of the often unanticipated changes that accompany parenthood, such as major role transitions, the awakening of emotions around past traumas or losses, shifting relationships within systems of support, and heightened or confusing emotional responses. 

My first goal is to provide immediate pre-natal and postpartum mental health support for women and their partners, and then to provide a pathway to a healthy, safe and positive parenting experience. 

Specific areas of focus include the following:

  • Assessment and treatment of perinatal (pre-natal and postpartum) mood and anxiety disorders such as depression and various forms of anxiety

  • Recovery from reproductive trauma or loss

  • Pre-parenthood - preparation for a healthy transition to parenthood

  • Adjustment to parenting

I am honored to support mothers and their loved ones by working together to build skills, tap into resilience, awaken insights, and move toward healing and hope.